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The Importance of a Great Building Design

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Buildings - the places where we live, learn, eat, sleep, and work - greatly influence our lives and how we live them.

Consider how much of your time each day is spent inside. 80 per cent? 90 per cent? Even more? This simple revelation reveals how important a building's design really is, not merely an object made to shelter you from the elements but in turn should promote overall wellbeing, creativity, health and most importantly contentment.

I recall a conversation I was part of, whereby the group I was conversing with discussed the high fees Architects had charged one family for their ultimate dream home. They "are just fancy little drawings, that's all"... the words stuck with me for quite some time.

Render courtesy of French Designs

Well, my response is this. It is becoming more and more apparent that an adeptly and suitably designed building can; improve worker productivity, boost student test scores, decrease sick time, and even promote physical activity, all while increasing energy efficiency.

As a large number of entities across Australia look to renovate and upgrade existing structures in the retail and commercial sector, one must realize that they're building for the future. It's high time that innovative building and design practices be given the complete and full attention they deserve.

Image courtesy of French Designs

Such designs may be slightly more expensive initially, but the dividends they shall yield in the future if adequate time and money are spent upfront can become endless.

Written by

Catherine Botte

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