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French Designs offers high quality unique & innovative design and drafting services at an affordable price. With specialized experience in the field of design and architecture, you will receive a concept that could rival even the biggest names in the industry. From a strong connection to local brands such as The Coffee Club or the new trending space in your local area, French Designs endeavors to assist you to transform your vision into reality.


French Design helps to create inspiring architecture and interior environments. We work with innovative, bold, and creative clients interested in enjoyable and highly productive experiences while designing and building their place of business, new home, investment property, country retreat or renovating their current co-op, condo, or townhouse.


Our clients are interested in exploring their design options to uncover the most comfortable environment in which to live and most profitable in which to work. Through a collaborative process with clients, consultants, fabricators, and builders, decisions that are artistic, highly functional, and financially responsible are made to bring about successful solutions. As a designer, I help my clients explore their creative ideas, the process of making space, and finally the experience of occupying that completed built environment.

Our values

Caring for the environment and a sustainable future, French Designs will always take the natural surroundings into consideration and try to integrate design and nature. 


  • Careful consideration is given to the practicality of all his designs

  • Designs sustainability a strong motivator

  • Clients input is considered as the fundamental aspect of a successful design

  • Retail buildings and fit-out's

  • Mixed-use building  

  • Multi-unit residential

  • Early Learning Educational facilities 

  • Community and Recreational facilities

Based in the leafy suburb of Kenmore, Pierr has settled into Brisbane, a city he continues to love and appreciate each day, a city with growing future potential. Pierr has proudly worked on retail fit-outs, residential and large commercial designs before going out on his own. 

Pierr’s exposure to architecture and construction began very early on in life, LEGO! Lots of Lego is where the interest for building cities, homes and hospitals came from as a young boy playing with painful expensive plastic blocks began to mold his future.  


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Pierr immigrated to Brisbane in 2012. Pierrs' move saw him repeating his degree for a second time, the first at The University Johannesburg and the second time at Queensland University of Technology where Pierr graduated with Masters in 2015. 


Hard working, passion, motivation and a young family behind him, saw Pierr achieve his goals. The positive "anything is possible" attitude and strong work ethic has seen him work with some of the best architects in the industry. Experience from NRA co-lab, Conrad Gargett and DWP|Suters has allowed Pierr to work on some of the big projects we now see in Brisbane. Also, having worked as a retail designer, Pierr has a strong working knowledge of the retail sector.

Currently working towards professional registration as an Architect in Queensland. 


·       Masters of Architecture 

·       Building Designer QBCC

·       Bachelor of Design (Honours) Architectural Studies

·       Graduate Diploma in Architecture


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