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Mi Casa es su Casa

Ever wondered what desert infused with design looks like? Well the new cafe & desert bar Mi Casa in Underwood showcases some of the most delicious plates within an inspired environment that is so relaxing and visually appealing that you may never leave.

Mi Casa - Servery - By French Designs

French Designs have delivered an affordable yet aesthetically enticing space that has a contemporary feel with the monochromatic colours combined with natural timbers and the essential ingredient, greenery.

Mi Casa - Pendant Lighting - By French Designs

Whether it be the banquette, booths or couches, the soft furnishings are a welcomed point of difference for the cafe that create a more comfortable experience and invites the user to prolong their stay and have another perfectly brewed coffee.

Mi Casa - Acai Bow l- French Designs

Another key aspect of this design is the signage, simple yet bold, monotone yet captivating. The sheer scale of the sign attracts the consumer from all depths of Brisbane & Logan.

Mi Casa - Entry - By French Designs

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